[SPOILERS] Picard Season 1 Episode 4: Absolute Candor
  • Good that we get to see picard have a son-figure finally
  • Parental abandonment issues are strong
  • Kinda sad we didn't see Picard actually swordfight, but I understand both in-universe and IRL why we didn't.
  • First space battle in episode 4, not bad
  • First decapitation in the history of trek? 
  • I always thought romulan and vulcan blood was more of a lighter forest green than a green/yellow.  I always pictured their blood the same sort of color as their ships.
  • Good entrance for seven
  • I feel like she might turn into a bit of seven ex machina though
  • Pimp Picard? hoooooooo boy thats gonna have a lot of people talking
  • Looks like sevens weapons come in next week
  • good bet we're getting the updated t'liss, standard with dual beam bank, console of orbital killers
  • They might make a mission to vashti seeing as they already have the code for things like that from the G-Quad missions
  • Me when picard took down the sign: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJq7J2uzSlc
  • Good bet we'll see seven and rio's ships with pilot spec when we see them.  Rios's ship will probably have some sort of hologram based trait, maybe console
  • Love the look of the new weapons
  • If one of the characters doesn't say "I'll be in my bunk" at least once this season, its a wasted opportunity.  if you know, you know.
  • Stolen from one of my other groups: "Summary of today's episode: *insert Bill Wurtz 'Hire a Samurai' jingle here*"
  • This is totally just Star Trek: Firefly, isn't it?  Except we know we're getting more than one season of this.
  • Just thinking of that comparison, they don't have a CMO other than the EMH, which makes this a unique series.
  • I like the idea of spanish still being spoken in the future.  Makes me happy that everyone hasn't just gone fully english and theres still SOME individuality.  
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