Looking for slight build improvements
(03-09-2019, 01:00 AM)N7washout Wrote: Thanks for the feedback.  JB got me sorted out, but I definitely need to address the shields/deflector/ engine/ core situation

i was in the same boat, you want the fleet core from spire and deflector from colony

as for the shield/engine. you want comp engine and you can get comp shield too if you want set bonus, otherwise you can get iconian shield if you don't mind not having bonus.
the adv adapt fleet shield from fleet base is good after you have upgraded it to epic and re engineered it to have a [resall] modifier, but imo the iconian is better right at vr quality mk xii versus a freshly bought fleet shield (as far as single parts go).

but you can get the comp shield for 2 pc set bonus if you want that, your choice. (shields aren't really heavily favored in any meta, so usually comes down to player preference)

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