Don'nt upgrade the Omni-Directional Tetryon Support Beam Array
The set can beneficial in both pve and pvp, but generally it isn't among the "best"(notice quotes as there are various opinions) that are available. As was already said the stats are different in space as that's when all of your modifiers come into play. There is a way to see what the weapons damage did, but it can be complicated. There are a couple different dps trackers. What you can do with them is use them to see what damage certain beam arrays did(to an extent). If you have 4 ap beam arrays, they will all show as the same weapon. If you have chroniton infused tetryon arrays, and regular tetryon arrays, they will be shown as seperate items though. The dps monitor also shows what each beam did while under the influence of things like FAW. So if you have specific arrays like the chroniton you can see it's total match damage. Which is it's non-buffed damaged plus it's faw'ed or other beam sp. attacks added together. If you want to know the damage on one specific array that the reader groups with other similar ones though, the only way to find out is to divide the dps by the number of identical beams, or if the reader is grouping specific weapons with generic versions, all you can do is replace the generic ones with a different beam type for a run, and then see what the beam did. A little drawn out, but it works.

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