No Time Like the Future
Grrrrr. I am having difficulty with knocking out the Daemosh Destroyer. I was using my Sovereign (standard - non Zen) and was able to handle the battle with my Nimbus call, but only able to get it knocked down to 40-60%. However, I was dying A LOT. I then switched to my Malon Battlecruiser, and was using my scorpions and am dead when the distortion is presented. I've only been able to knock it down to 90% with the Malon. My Malon is using Mk 12 dual turrets in the front (1x common, 1x rare, and 1x very rare) (the ones the battlecruisers can only equip), and Nausicaan torpedo very rare (Mk 10 or 12 (I can't remember)) and a Mk 10 Ha'peng Torpedo (very rare) and Mk 12 dual phaser beams (common) in the rear. 
Off-hand I do not remember what consoles I'm using in the Malon Battlecruiser, as I'm not connected at the moment. I don't like the Malon Battlecruiser because it's turning radius is like a semi (which is why I use the scorpions). My Sovereign is my primary ship I prefer to use. I am a f2p player and only have 100 zen, so I can't get any of the high dollar Tier 6.

Any advice?

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