An interesting matchup at least in my opinion
(11-22-2017, 03:32 PM)Madman Wrote: Yes that’s true, but in a factor of these two ships you have to put all variables into account even with a superior crew it’s also that the big ship outsmarts the little. What if both had superior captains and crews?

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Both technically would have "superior" captains wouldn't they?

I mean, you would have to put that into quite literal terms.

Either Admiral Marcus (who you would assume would be an exceptionally capable commander) or Khan commanding the Dreadnought, and then Shinzon (but lets be honest, it doesn't take a genius to reverse once a ship rams into you) commanding the Scimitar.

You would still have to consider the variables though! Khan would ultimately throw his toys out of the pram and board the Scimitar and just strangle everyone shouting "I AM BETTER" and I'm not sure that really counts lol

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