Commendation Changes
I apologize for the long post, but I want to detail our plan for replacing the "Fleet Holding Commendations".

As you should know by now, the "Fleet Holding Commendations" are being retired due to the shutdown of the Gateway. Those commendations were tracked up the very last possible moment on April 13. From that date forward, they are no longer tracked.

After much discussion with the Admiralty and hearing feedback from members during the last monthly fleet meeting, I think we've come up with a solution to replace these commendation that works well and covers multiple scenarios. These new commendations will be grouped under "Fleet Development Commendations".

Contribution Tracking
Originally all of your contributions were tracked and combined together through the Gateway. This was easy because we could quickly extract the data from each holding's leaderboard. This is no longer possible.

In order to track your contributions we have to use the fleet roster which contains the Fleet Credits that your characters have earned by contributing to the fleet they are currently in. Example, Character A is in Omega and has earned 100,000 Fleet Credits. This is displayed in the roster. This character moves to Militia and the roster now shows 0 Fleet Credits since that character never contributed to that fleet. Moving back to Omega will show the 100,000 Fleet Credits earned in that fleet.

Please note that the requirements for these commendations will be lower than the current ones to account for how they are being tracked.

Commendation Details
For starters, we will have three Federation and three KDF commendations. These will compare all of your characters and find the one with the highest number of Fleet Credits. Unfortunately we can only track this per fleet. Therefore we're creating a series for Fed and KDF, that means you can earn a total of six commendations. Three on the Fed side and three on the KDF side.

Next we'll have a single commendation for both factions. This will be the more difficult one to earn, similar to the current STO Academy Dilithium Citation of Enrichment. It will be tracked in a similar way with the only difference being that it's shared between both factions.

We also plan on having two additional commendations which would track the combined Fleet Credits across all of your characters. This is similar to how the current ones work, except it won't be able to track any characters that have left the fleet or been deleted. The leaderboard through the Gateway allowed us to do this. The reason for this commendation is to make your alts more useful for contributions especially when we need help completing projects in other fleets.

Finally, we plan on using your Lifetime Fleet Credits found under the progress tab in the character window for a final single commendation. This would have to be provided through a screenshot.

Release of new Commendations
We plan on rolling out these commendations slowly. In total there are 10 commendations and we want to make sure everything works correctly. We're breaking it down into phases starting with the six commendations I mentioned earlier and then working our way down that list.

Your turn
If there are any questions, concerns, comments, or needed clarification please go ahead and reply to this thread.

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