They really did it... Enterprise J is coming
26th Century Dreadnoughts (T6) R&D promo:


So according to the Enterprise J is about 2 miles long.
And will still have the same amount of Consoles and Bridge Officers = Firepower as an T6 Escort. Makes perfectly sense.

But I do have to say... I really like the Romulan Ship. Looks like the embodiment of the Romulan Republic Emblem.

Edit: Obligatory Drop Chance addition:
Lockbox ship = ~.45% chance = 125 Zen for a key (95.6 Zen when buying a 20 Keyring on Sale)
Promotion ship = ~1.1% chance = 300 Zen promo pack (250 when buying the 4pack)
The odds are (somewhat) normalized with the cost.

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They really did it... Enterprise J is coming - by Bhaltair - 03-07-2017, 10:08 PM

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