Treating Members Right
I am making this topic just to give some advice. Don't ignore other members nor block them. This was the reason that I left your fleet and armada. Last night a few members were talking about doing a fleet instance. I said that I was willing to join, but no one responded. In fact I said that I was willing to join multiple times with no response. It was for this very reason that I left the fleet.

If you want other players to acknowledge your fleets and armada as a good group, don't depend on this website... Depend upon yourselves. Who knows, I might have been a great member and helpful to everyone of you. We will never know.

The Leader sent me a mail in game thinking that maybe we were on two different chats but I replied that prior to my leaving, I changed the chat color in the chat that I was using to see if we were all on the same chat. There words changed to my color which informed me that we were all on the same chat. So I sent a mail to the leader informing him of my decision to leave the fleet and the reasons behind that decision. Yes, I also included the PLAYERNAME@PLAYERID names of the individuals who did not either answer my chat nor acknowledge me in any way. Then I left the STO Academy Militia fleet.

Once I had left the fleet, I made a post in the STO Academy chat and the STO Academy Armada chat that you should not block or ignore other members chat, but be helpful and respond accordingly. Someone else came on the STO Academy chat and replied to me but as I had already left the fleet, I did not feel it was worth taking the time to reply. What I did notice was the other individuals who were asking for members to join their fleet instance, replied asking who that person was talking to. That told me that they were either ignoring me or had me blocked which is not a good way for a fleet or armada to operate.

I have left all the chat rooms and the fleet. I have also changed my signature here to show that I am no longer in the fleet.

I bid you all a fair day and hope that this issue will be resolved by your officers so that you do not lose other players over instances like these.


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