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(12-02-2016, 01:45 PM)eaglescoutdjb Wrote: That's not true, I've watched people test what high EPS does on Twitch.  If you dig into your combat logs you'll find that as you go through a firing cycle and use weapon power your beams damage drops as your weapon power goes down but if your EPS and power levels are high enough your weapon power will regenerate fast enough that your beams will maintain their full damage.  This was tested with EPS as high as 1000, although I believe depending your build 500 to 700 was good, and on ISA runs and in PvP.  I wish I could find the VOD but it looks like Twitch didn't save it.

Not sure what is wrong with my statement, nothing what you just said is much different, except you aim for very high EPS.
Which is not wrong, just one way to achieve the goal.
You are referring to overcapping, which basically means you want your power transfer rate at least as / higher than your
weapons use. 8 beams use 70 weapon power in a 4 second firing cycle, so you should at the very least aim for 70/4 = 17.5 power transfer rate per second, which equals 350% EPS boost.
But there are many other factors that go into this math, like haste, weapon drain resistance, drains from Leech etc that makes it harder to calculate how much you really need. And that is only for Weapon Power. EPS/Power Transfer also helps with the other 3 subsystems as well.

Reddit came up with a very complicated calculator for that problem:

This guy here attempts to explain the relationship of it all:
His ship runs on 20.3 P/s , or a little over 400 EPS.
He is wrong though about FAW: it does in fact NOT change the firing cycle or affect the cost of. It 'just' lets you shoot more often is the same amount of time. You can read that in the description of the Weapon Calculator posted above. They have tested that extensively.

Btw, when you look at the builds on DPS league most of them don't use any EPS boosters except maybe the Fleet Core.
They rely more on drains (Leech, Supremacy, Energy Siphon) and WP Drain Resistances / Weapon Power Cost reductions.
That doesn't mean you shouldn't get any EPS boost. They are important. All that I said and keep saying is that you need a mix of Drains, Weapon Post Cost reductions and EPS to reach the ultimate goal: Weapon Power steady at 125.

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