Need Advice on an Oddysey Tactical Ship Build For An Enginee
I'll post more coherently in a bit, but for starters:

- Cruisers can abuse the old 'cycling emergency powers so your power levels are always huge' thing. To summarise, take a copy of E power to Weapons, and another to Shields as the minimum, cycle their activations. If you can get them, Damage Control Engineer doffs will help with up time, if you can't get them or want more security, then another copy of each will easily give you constant uptime on both abilities. (Although you should get pretty much constant uptime with the two copies if you have the right doffs).

- Your skill build is actually pretty reasonable, but I would personally tweak it to something along the lines of the following:

Lt Tact - Beam Fire at Will, Torpedo Spread
Comm Eng - Emergency to Weapons, Aux to Struc, Directed Energy Mod, Warp Plasma
Lt Sci - Sci Team, Hazard Emitters
Ens Uni - Emergency to Shields
Lt Comm Uni - Polarize Hull, Tractor Beam, Gravity Well

This is entirely debateable, but you could do some solid crowd control with grav well and warp plasma, entangling a bunch of enemies at once, then do a directed energy+emergency weapons+fire at will sweep to hit them all, and follow up with a torpedo spread to hammer home the point. You're also quite tanky, assuming you: mash distribute shields all the time, keep the emergency powers up as much as possible, and have the right doffs/items. And you can ALSO help your friends a bit (which no cruiser should overlook, ever).

EDIT: I'm not claiming expertise in cruiser builds, though. These people (<!-- m -Arrow<a class="postlink" href=""> ... p?t=280501</a><!-- m -Arrow) however, are. Check out the thread.


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