Need Advice on an Oddysey Tactical Ship Build For An Enginee
Hi guys.

As I assume is typical for noobs, I made a mess of my skill trees when I first started so I need to respec them.

I am an engineer and typically fly either the Tactical Oddysey (with the 3 console set) or the Gal-X. I have it loaded out currently with 3 borg AP Beam arrays + 1 Borg Photon torpedos both fore and aft. (They are currently only mk X's, but I am working on changing that.)

As far as my playing style goes, I enjoy a bit of all 3 career skills. My main goal is to have a fairly solid tank build that deals fairly decent damage. I am not too concerned with healing others.

I realize that Cruisers aren't designed to do massive DPS, and I am not expecting to be an escort, lol.

Based on what I have read, my current build is fairly terrible, yet, I am not all that unpleased with the performance, to be honest.

Here is what I have put together as my potential new build. Any advice would be appreciated before I spend the $5.00.

<!-- m -Arrow<a class="postlink" href=""> ... TacOddy3_0</a><!-- m -Arrow

Thank you!

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