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Have just been setting up my alts build  Vulcan in the skill planner but I have found the following are missing:

Personal Ground Skill: Medical Vanguard
Personal Space Skill: Advanced Rapid Support
Personal Space Skill: Photonic Capacitor
Starship Trait: Standoff
Starship Trait: Improved Critical Systems **
Starship Trait: Improved Command Frequency **

** the non-improved versions of these appear to be on the skill planner just not the improved

Kitbuilds: some of the mods are different on the skill planner to ingame so possibility of getting confused there:

[PSG] (personal shield generator) is [shield] on the skill planner
[WpnDmg] as [Weapon]

Also - Captain Equipmnet? Bit of a spelling mistake there.

Duty Officer Creation: the EMH Mk 1's skill - chance to activate an emh mk 1 when using a hypo is not available

Aegis Shield - [C/R] mod appears to be missing

The option to copy from another slot, it would be helpful if the front and aft slots were linked so as an example if you have an identical torp launcher fore and aft you can just copy the details from the fore to the rear. Right now the copy option just seems to work on the same line- you can copy a fore item into a fore slot but not to the rear.

Consoles: Vulnerability Exploiter, no [Photon]?

My new build:

I hope this helps you improve what is already a damned useful skill builder,

Thank You for it!

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