The facts are these:
  • STOA never has and never will be a DPS oriented fleet. We're here for fun. Everyone who has ever joined this fleet knew what it was about beforehand.
  • The game is playable whether or not the combat/dilithium boosts are active. If they never existed, no one would even care.
  • The reason the Dilithium boost doesn't affect things like the Mining Claims is because those are already boosted.
  • Most members are not privileged enough to have Mining Claims, or even to be playing many hours. Some only play a few hours and do a couple PvE missions. If they can earn even a tiny bit extra, it goes a long way. A Combat boost won't help them earn those extra Dilithium.
  • I've always led this fleet through compromise and I always will. If some people don't agree, that's fine. I've said to everyone who has ever left this fleet for various reasons, you need to do what is best for yourself. I will always stand by that.
  • I'm always available for any fleet member. Everyone is more than welcome to talk to me about any topic. We can each voice our opinions, but at the end of the day myself and the Admiralty will make decisions based on what we feel is best. Not everyone is going to agree with those decisions, nor do I expect them to. Otherwise we'd be Borg and that's no fun.
With that said, I'm going to close this thread before anything gets out of hand. If anyone wants to chat about anything that was said in this thread, send me a message here or in game.

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