I also left STOA a few months ago for similar reasons as TP.  The decision was not an easy one, rather one in which I spent many days contemplating.  While I made the decision to leave I view my time in STOA as well-spent and have nothing but rerespect for its members and its Admiralty.  I will always remember my time in STOA as a positive experience.  That being said, here are certainly some legitimate criticisms of policy issues, as TP and Florian so eloquently stated.

Ultimately, I must agree with the aforementioned comments on the T3 Research Lab Boost.  it is apparent when viewing the three Buffs (Dilithium, XP, and Combat) that the Combat Boost is the superior choice for all its fleet members.  The dilithium boost has no effect on big Dilithium acquisition methods, namely the Klingon Tour-of-Duty 10/10 reward and Dilithium Mining Claims.  The Combat Boost has a noticeable buff for both inexperienced players and experienced players, as the Cat1 and +40 Damage Resistance buffs are a noticable improvement.  IMVHO, considering the hard-earned FC and Dilithium it takes to queue a boost, the best solution for all players is to only queue the Combat Performance Boost.

At any rate, I support TP's decision and wish him and STOA the best of luck.  TP and I did not talk much as he and I live in drastically different time zones, but I'll always remember he took time out of his day to help a n00b (me) with questions whenever I asked.  STOA definitely lost one of its most valued resources with TP's departure, and I hope the Admiralty reconsiders its position on certain policies that led to said loss.  


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