Tribble Test Squad
I'd like to request the formation of a Tribble Test Squad- where a group of 5-10 of us will meet at a prearranged time and date on the separate Tribble Test server for the sake of testing out new skills and items before committing to Respecs or spending millions in EC on something that may not work out for us in Holodeck. 

For instance, in my quest to reach 100k as discussed in my Icarus build thread, I had contemplated respecing to one of the ultimate skills trees. I now know I want to do a 10/26/10 Science Ultimate configuration, but there's still many ways to achieve that for the sake of making sure I don't become a glass cannon.

I have been using Tribble a lot in the last few days, mainly for the K-13 scenery review thread i did, but that whole time I was queued for ISA and never found anyone to join in over there... hence my request to the Armada and any allies willing to help.
It took a week for me to just find someone willing to send me a fleet invite there too.

Granted, testing on Tribble does require a full re-installation of the game to a separate area on the hard drive, but being able to do unlimited free respecs and try out any reputation item can prove to be invaluable to the testers.
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