advice to get intel dread over 9k dps
You've got a lot of MkXII stuff and even a MkXI damage boost in one of the tactical slots.  

Upgrade the weapons to MkXIV.
Upgrade the AntiProton Mag Reg to MkXIV

That should break the 10K mark. 

Upgrade your D/I/C/S to MkXIV.  

From there, you can continue refining modules

Ohh and before you spend money upgrading the really don't need ACC.  CrtD is nice, but CritH is better.  Your DPS is going to more heavily depend on CritH then CritD.  Personally, I'd dump all those beam weapons you have and get some of the Elite Fleet beams to start with as that will give you UR beams at MkXII and that'll give you UR MkXIV when you upgrade them.  And in that case, as AP have a built in 2% to CritH, get DMGx3 and/or CritD or PEN if you can.

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