New Parser- CAT
Hi all,

I was in an ISA run today where the run was parsed by CAT- Combatlog Analysing Tool which was written by @danfai

I was curious, especially since that SCM no longer works for me on mac,  and had a conversation with him about his self written parser- (use chrome or safari as otherwise will be redirected to in german) 

He claimed that compared to SCM it was:
                                a) more accurate
                                b) faster- (I have noticed that SCM was slow at least for me on a mac)
                                c) has better UX
                                d) had a nice user interface with nicer graphs
                                e) Could handle a bigger log file

For one thing, on the website the sample pictures look quite nice, and this has potential. It would be great to have a parser thats 1) potentially is better than SCM in terms of function and user ability  and 2) Not tied to a specific DPS league like SCM and CLR and to a separate non affiliated developer to avoid the disputes that happened last time)

However in order to judge how good it actually is, I was wondering if anyone, particularly high end DPSers could give any feedback on what appears to be a promising parser. 


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