Regent Class: the refit version of the Sovereign
stofsk Wrote:
Mayhem3000 Wrote:How is the Regent class? I have an Odyssey, but I don't use it as much anyone.
It's my Eng's ship. I love it, a LOT. I gave up the Excelsior-refit for it (to be fair, I only like the Excelsior, but I flat out LOVE the Sovereign).

My specs are horrible, and a respec for my Eng is in order, but from my experience in STFs, I find it more survivable than my tac or sci in their respective ships - no surprises there, it's a cruiser, of course it is more survivable. It does a decent amount of damage, the +10 to weapons power is nice. It has a LtCmmdr Tac slot, which I have yet to truly make use of (I need to somehow get a tac officer trained with something for that tier, atm I use attack pattern delta which is useless as I haven't specced into attack patterns). It has a universal Lt slot which I just use for my science officer. But you could sub in a third tac, or a second eng boff for the obvious benefits.

I use the wide-angle torp a lot. I put it on the rear since it seems easier to turn and get the wide-angle in range then turn back easier if it's on the aft rather than fore slot. I mean in terms of your heading, obviously the angle is the same regardless of where it is but I just find it easier to fire torpedoes from the rear while I'm broadsiding.

I don't use the metreon console. It's a little too underpowered for me. EWP does the same thing in that it immobilises targets. The metreon canisters though are meant to be set alight, and if you do that they stop being immobilised targets. The damage is too little from what I've noticed (I mainly do elite STFs to base this on). That said, I never really tried to make it work. It's entirely possible it's tied to some skill that boosts its damage.

I got it though purely because it's a Sovereign, and I wanted a VA level c-store ship for my Eng, as I have one for all my other characters.

I must say that I love the ship too - it does not fit my Tac abbilities that much but in survivability and my skills spec'd for Shield tanking I have 4 tiers of shield reps before i get hit, I mean its just a monster. The DPS with MK 12 (Borg)Phasers is a bit low and on average does bout 700 DPS Sad. But just ot be able to warp in and take a full on assualt and survive - love it Smile

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