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(06-21-2016, 08:48 PM)Chris Wrote: Whoops.  While our existing KDF and RR characters can interact with the story-arc somewhat, it looks like there may not be other factions in the TOS era -

According to the Priority One Podcast when they sat down for a very lengthy interview with Cryptic Lead Designer Al Rivera about Agents of Yesterday, they published the following notes.  (I haven't listened to the podcast....)

Here is the podcast:
Here are the notes:

New captains will only be able to pick races that make sense for TOS era, so no Bajoran, Cardassians, etc. Also, Klingons and Romulans will not be playable then because TOS was mostly about the Federation.

Other interesting bits-

Cryptic did consider creating a new TOS game but decided that an expansion was a better idea because they didn’t want to split the community.

Cryptic is in talks with CBS about the upcoming 2017 Star Trek series and working with them, but nothing is set in stone yet. They may or may not be doing something together.

Yeah, I read that too... I was thinking about a possible pack, but I'm out now. I'll play it, but that is disappointing that Klinks and Roms get the snub.
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