Decision help needed Fleet H.E.Carrier vs Fleet T.E.Retrofit
Well i think that the HEC it's a great value regarding multirole fun, the hangar really adds a layer of complexity. I most drive carriers which have different roles than the HEC, I really think the HEC is really an escort and should be mostly played like that, think of it like an archer that can lure/stop/heal while carriers have to rely more heavily on pets to do dps.

I really find the higher turn rate the harder to control while flying, and stoping to fire feels like being a turret platform. I have used the fed Lv40 escort and while having uber dps is fun, having to stop to fire effectively its a huge turn off for me, specially when fighting a big hp mob where I'm gonna steal aggro.

For PvP I would go FHEC since the tractor beams from runabouts have the KDF swearing "WTF!"

PS: I really dislike the looks of the Defiant

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