EDIT BY ATTILIO: The other Admirals and I agreed a while ago not to use Purple Frog's TeamSpeak server, therefore they should not be reaching out to our members and asking them to use it. While they are part of the Armada, they are not part of the STO Academy. Any voice chat setup for the STO Academy will be provided by the Admirals. Thank you.

Hey all,

Just to let you know that the Federation Gamma Fleet: Purple Frogs has offered the use of their TeamSpeak 3 server, this is an unofficial channel and is a multi-gamming community that is part of a non profit organization. the address is There is no Password however upon entering the lobby you will not be able to connect to any other channel until you are assigned a tag. I ask that you please use your in game name. When in please feel free to poke an Admin of the server (Purple shield with an A) that is there, to let them know that you are new and that you play with the STO Academy. Also my name in there is Fire and if you see me ( I have a green leaf with a blue frog icon) please feel free to poke me and I can very much hop up and assist you in your needs. For more information about the community please visit or (sign up required for


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