Tholian Tarantula Build
short review:

It's a beauty :-D
Well, maybe not. Looks like a giant tulip with a few rotating flyswatters.

First, it's huuuge. But with this build it's easier to handle than my tholian carrier or some of the other big babies. I would say it feels a little bit better in turn rates than the christmas breen, but hard to compare due to different setups. It has four Aft Weapons, so there is no need to have it exactly in position everytime and with the omni directionals in the back it's powerful enough to take a lot of others out before they even think of attacking you.

I really like the Tholian Web Cannon. It was a lot of fun to use it in the Tholian Red Alert against the Tarantula there. A few other players even stopped attacking to watch it, haha. It takes a few seconds to load (which can be long in the wrong situation or with fast enemies which are out of target after this waiting time) but then it's a nice booom which totally ignores shields and freezes an amount of 10 foes )90 degrees) for 4 seconds and deals nice damage. I like to have unique weapons which are not on every ship, so I kept it.

Of course Elite Tholian Mesh Weavers as pets. Only two of them in one hangar bay, but they are so strong, it's a must. Especially with a Tholian ship.

At the moment I fly this big baby with the Iconian Set. I have other sets, but this one looks great and feels good Wink

Later this week I will add 1,2 sentences to this thread regarding the starship trait: "Energy Web". It's not unlocked yet. Will do it tomorrow with a few funny Tholian Red Alerts.

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