Account Linking Promo -- problems with it?
I'm not sure about how the exchange rate is going to be after this revamped website, but obviously, if it's the the same as before the revamp, 100 zen = 80 cpoints, the prices you are paying for your zens should be higher for the same amount of cpoints you usually buy.
I have been playing sto using my perfect world account from before (don't remember when i got it), haven't really seen any significant problems though, but since I'm a f2p, i cannot speak for buying of zens. And the "earn zen" is quite full of bullshit. There's only a few "free" surveys that actually worked for me to earn the free zens for conversion. Only managed to get 217 cpoints worth.
My own thoughts on the linking of perfect world to cryptic (I don't have a cryptic account so i'm not sure), i agree on the free items on being the bait, but you don't have much of a choice besides linking to perfect world to buy ur zens to convert to cpoints. Though an alternative would be pay through Steam wallet for the cpoints. the last i check was $62.50 for 5000 points, which is still the same rate. Given a choice, I would rather pay through steam wallet for my cpoints if i buy, since i trust their security over perfect world.

Just my few cents on this topic Smile

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