A Guide to reviewing and sharing Builds.
Hello everyone,

this thread is rather a recommendation than a guide per se.

I have noticed, that most builds that are posted here are incomplete. If you seek advice on how to get your build better, this makes it a bit difficult.

I recommend, that you fill in your Skill points as well as your Traits, Reputation Traits and Starship Traits (if any) that you use. If possible, it would also be helpful if you list your DOFFs on active Duty by specialisation.

Why do I ask you to do this? Well, mostly without you even knowing, you have wasted Skill points for Skills that will give you little to no useful bonus whatsoever. So a respec of your Skills could be an option. Or maybe you use a Trait, that served you well in the past but has little or no practical use on your new Ship.

I do not ask you this, so that we can get a hard laugh or something.

I ask you to complete your builds, so that you can help us to help you in the most effective way possible.

Live long and prosper, Qapla' and Jolan Tru.

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