I need help to improve my DPS - Eng - Breen - Cannon - Disruptor
(02-09-2015, 08:37 PM)aaaict Wrote: Dear Veebora,
      This is a good starter build, and a good platform to build on from. There are three sections which I will advise you on.

1- weapons- I would personally put at least one torpedo on, especially on the front which has a huge dos, and can really damage hulls. You can go with all cannons, but I have found that a hit from a trop with shield down can really hurt enemies ( and I have died a lot from those too). You may want to change from dual cannons to dual heavy cannons, which fire in one burst, which is effective at delivering decisive blows.

2- Abilities- I concur with Martinson that you should replace the useless BT shields with a more potent attack power such as attack pattern beta, or a cannon scatter volley. You may want to actually keep the rapid fire, as I have found that it is a lot more effective at destroying targets than scatter volley, but scatter volley does boost dps. You also may want to get engineering team and science team for hull and shield heals as well, which are needed for an escort.

3- Sets You may want to look into sets for your ship, from the reputation store or from missions. The omega adapted set for a torp, beam weapon and the assimilated module which boost critical chance and severity.

All in all, your current build is a good platform for future expansion and I wish you the best of luck!


Hello Dude, I've updated my loadout to the point it is now.

I indeed use heavy cannons but I didn't realized it was wrong there.

About the skills I've chanced accordly your suggestion and from other people too.

The build you can see now is doing from 4-5k damage in Crystalline mission, I will try the torpedo and see if this will work too.

Thank you very much!!!!

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