Crowd control science ships
I'm going to hijack this thread, as my post has some relevance.

I don't often solicit build advice, being content to lurk and research quietly. However, I'd like some help on tweaking a build I'm considering.

My main Federation character is an Andorian Science officer. As such, she's not really an ideal space-oriented character, but she's my longest serving character and the one I've been focusing on lately, as well as the one I intend to keep playing for Delta Rising for the foreseeable future.

I own a Wells science vessel, which I have been playing as a 'fluffy' build, with the Temporal Warfare set. She doesn't mount anything other than Mk XI purple weapons and Mk XI blue consoles which I built under the old crafting system and some items from the Omega reputation, specifically the Adapted MACO set, the Kinetic Cutting Beam and the Assimilated Module.

I'm interested in upgrading to a more solidly PvE-focused build. I have the resources to acquire all the equipment on the build in the link, I just don't want to drop the fleet credits and dilithium unless it passes muster as a solid build in the eyes of the more knowledgeable ship-wrights in the fleet.

My inspiration for this build was some discussion of requirements for the No-Win Scenario, which I would like to undertake and win before Delta Rising begins.


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