Any build advice would be welcome!
(08-07-2014, 02:38 PM)Chris Wrote: Greetings,

Looks like a good ship.

If you are going cannons, I'd remove the beam from the front, and either put it in the back, or not use it. (Depends on the set bonus, I can't remember what that is.)
I might switch to the Omega Torpedo to get the three set bonus with the cutting beam, and the assimilated module.

I have to look at the Honor Guard set when the servers are back up, but with your energy syphon, do you get a bonus for that if you went for the 3 set pieces?

On your Tac Boff skills, I might change AP Delta 3 for Attack Pattern Omega 3, and make the Omega1 into Cannon Scatter Volley 3

Just a few suggestions-

Thanks mate!

Yeah, I have since removed the beam array... Silly of me to have it there anyway really, was only for the set bonus.

I'll keep having a fiddle around with Boff skills and what not, but I agree it is probably good to get Omega 3.

Cheers for the help!

(08-04-2014, 01:07 PM)Dafmeister Wrote: With the proviso that all of this is just my opinion...

- Beams v cannons comes down to one simple question. With the maneuverability of your ship and your piloting skill, can you reliably bring the DHCs to bear at a close enough range for them to do a lot of damage (cannon damage drops off faster than beams). If the answer is yes, then go with cannons. Otherwise go with beams, either DBBs or arrays. Whichever you go for, use it exclusively to maximise the effect of your boff skills. If you want to keep the experimental plasma beam on a cannon build for the bonuses, move it to the back and put another DHC up front as the cannons will be your primary weapon. The experimental beam will be there for its set bonus, not its damage.

- On the subject of boffs, I'd drop the high yield torpedo and at least one of the attack patterns in favour of more cannon skills (or beam skill, if you go that way). The torpedo is there more for the set bonus than the damage it does.

- Again on boffs, how many of them have Superior Romulan Operative? As a Romulan you can have Boffs with that trait in every position, not just Tactical, so they can really boost your crit rate and effectiveness.

- Do you get good use out of cloaked barrage? If not, drop the console in favour of another locator.

- I can't comment on the Scimitar consoles as I've never used them, but you'll get a lot of mileage out of the plasma damage procs on the fleet science consoles if you use them.

- If you do switch to AP weapons, then you have to mercilessly pursue crits. A lot of people use it, but it's by no means required.
Cheers for this! I agree re the scimitar consoles. They are not as helpful as three extra damage and or utility consoles could be. Just trying to find Boffs on the exchange with Superior Romulan Operative! But as of now I have three with the trait.

Thanks for the help though. Appreciate it! Smile

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