Advice on my Build, Please!
Thank you for the advice!

Recently switched out, at my fleet leaders urging, the Fleet Torp for a Dual Plasma Beam array. Will update the loadout accordingly momentarily
(06-09-2014, 03:25 PM)robonixon Wrote: There's nothing inherently wrong with the JH space set being used here, although it definitely benefits polaron-based weapons more. The set pieces themselves add nice boosts to weapon power and keep your crew alive longer, which means better hull repair. The type of set or non-set pieces to equip here largely depends on your role and your playstyle, though. Many different things can be effective. 2pc Borg (engines/deflector) plus a good shield like Dyson will go a long way towards survivability, if you are having problems there. Alternatively the Solanae set also works well in this spot for the same reason. If you want more offense, get Adapted MACO or MACO 2pc and the Dyson shield, as their bonuses boost torp dmg and global skill cooldown respectively. Since you are plasma-torp heavy you could also slot the Omega torp in place of the fleet torp you have, and then grab the Rom/Reman space sets if you can to buff your torps and get some huge shields as a bonus.

Drop the +Power engineering consoles, these in my opinion are useless. The bonus you get from having +4 power in any one skill is negligible compared to respeccing your skills and having that bonus permanently. These are valuable slots you could put fleet Neutroniums with +Turn or fleet RCS with +ResAll in, which would definitely help more. You can also shoot for some of the universal consoles here to get the same benefits as 2 or 3 of these +Power consoles in one slot, like the Dyson console which grants +3 to Eng/Aux I believe, as well as other benefits. Since you have plasma and the Rom torp, I'd also keep the Zero-Point Energy Conduit here as it not only improves crit chance but the 2pc set adds to plasma damage. You could also get the fleet Emitter Array to put in the sci slot. If you do end up swapping in the Omega torp, then including the Borg Assimilated console will not only add more power for you, but the 2pc set bonus proc adds weapon power and resists weapon power drain which translates into more DPS over time.

Depending on if you are going after more AOE or single-target damage I would swap your copies of THY and TS on your Cmdr Tac station. I would also probably drop your 2 copies of EPtS for EPtW and Eng Team. Given that you have no points in shield skills right now you'd be better served by respeccing into a slightly more balanced layout there and having better shields in the long run.

For tac consoles, I would probably do 3 fleet Vulnerability Locators for Plasma damage and one for Plasma Torps (assuming you can afford them). If not, get 3 +Plasma damage and 1 +Plasma Torp from the exchange for cheapo until you can.

For skills, you have a non-optimal layout for a lot of stuff. Your Tac skills are probably best off but I would max out Maneuvers if at all possible as well. You spent about 9K more than you needed to on Ground skills for an optimal space layout, but if you do a lot of ground it may be worth your time to keep it that way. It is best not to put more than 6 points into skills since your end-game gear will generally add 30-40 points to most skills, and the diminishing returns for your own investment here are very high. You can check out one of my older builds for a sample layout that would probably benefit you more: This one is torp heavy but you can swap that around as needed.

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