Hi Everyone maybe you can offer any advice
Hi there

just after a little bit more advice from any one that can help

Im looking at changing bits on my ship as in the Shields and Engines and Deflector now i have the Borg Set on which is a MKXI

Now i was going to update it to the MKXII ones as ll a bit more powerfull but then there is the Fleet Set.

My question is should i get the Borg MKXII set so i keep the Borg Tractor beam as i like using this and it does come in handy or should i get the Fleet set but i cant make up my Mind about it.

I will be redoing my Ship Loadouts as i swap between 3 ships depending on what mood i am in either my Assault Cruiser Refit or the Tactical Odyssey or the Fleet Dreadnought

I have bought some new consoles which have helped alot and my ship does well but i think i can maybe with your help get a bit more out of it,

This is my Assault Cruiser Refit Build http://skillplanner.stoacademy.com/?buil...refit_3695

This is my Dreadnought build http://www.stoacademy.com/tools/skillpla...adnought_0
(oh except i have the Fleet version now so i have the extra Tactical Console with another phaser relay in it.)

I will double check these tonight and update as needed as at work at the mo

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