4K Dilithium Dash
I'd like to announce the start of my daily 4K Dilithium Dash starting today. Every day at 8pm EST (for local time visit the calendar here or in game) meet me at the Vlugta dilithium mine where in 10 minutes or less we'll earn about 1000 dilithium. Then we'll head over to the Fleet dilithium mine and earn about another 3000 dilithium in 20 - 30 minutes.

I'll be on my Fed toon for this so I can invite any Fed toons to the dilithium mine. KDF toons will need to visit the mine on their own since it isn't a cross-faction map Undecided

This is the perfect opportunity to play with the boss man Big Grin and earn a little extra dilithium for the fleet and yourself.

NOTE: I'll be adding it the calendars in game as soon as I get home from work.


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4K Dilithium Dash - by Attilio - 01-21-2014, 07:53 PM

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