[SPOILERS] Picard Season 1 Episode 8: Broken Pieces

  • Serious stuff first. Agnes’s thinking about suicide as a comfort is a real thing. I should know. Seeing that on a Star Trek show was the most seen this show or any trek show has made me feel. Serious kudos to the writing staff. 

Ok back to the regularly scheduled fluff
  • Finally learn the class (sorta) of the ibn Majid. Looks like a sovereign from the sticker on Rios’s locker
  • Major props to the writing team for bringing back Marta Batanadies
  • Looks like Rios was probably a LTCMDR by the hollow pips in his pip stash. 
  • Long live Queen Seven!
  • Thought we were finally going to see some actual federation starships this time, but i giess theyre saving that for the finale. 
  • Lots of romulan ships though. 
  • Rahmda makes more sense now. 
  • Sad that they went small world with having rahmda and narissa related
[Image: 9jilqcf.gif]
Good episode:

I was surprised that Seven's loose collective wasn’t more of a threat. (And didn't adapt to disruptor fire. But they are a small collective.....)

I was surprised that Seven wasn't more sad that almost all the borg got flushed out into space. (Actually couldn't they go out and pick them up? I thought borg could survive in space.....)

Also, when the Romulans were attacked, it would have been cool to see a shot of one of the special badges giving a warning. They’d made such a big deal about the badges earlier!

Also, I feel like Seven should have had more difficulty getting out of the collective....

Accolade complete: The Unstoppable Captain

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