Earning Romulan Marks on New Romulus
I just didn't like the respawn on the bad Rommies - I understand that it's needed so everyone can shoot them, but it's annoying when they respawn right on top of you as you're fighting another group
You could also do the Tau Dewa Sector Patrol which gives you 60 Romulan Marks (75 during the Reputation Bonus Event). A tip on Scanning Radiation: Wait until you have 300 Radiation Reports before turning them in. It gives you way more Romulan Marks.
It takes between 5 to 7 system patrols to get the marks - it's a little bit intensive, that's for sure. Anyone know if you can do this in a team to speed it up?
Really, I'm struggling to get Rommie marks. What is the quickest way?
Monty Wrote:Really, I'm struggling to get Rommie marks. What is the quickest way?

Well, I do or at least finish the Tau Dewa Sector Patrol during the Reputation Bonus Event. That gives you 75 Romulan Marks instead of 60 Romulan Marks. Also doing the Azure Nebula Rescue is a fun way do earn Romulan Marks (around 20). Other than that, roaming around New Romulus doing Missions and scanning Radiations gets you Romulan Marks as well. On my First Day on New Romulus, exploring all Areas and getting the Transport Coordinates, including scanning Radiations got me idk about 100 Romulan Marks.
I'm having a great time with getting romulan marks!

The patrol sectors are great, and the Tholian Red Alert Admittedly could be better, but it makes a nice change from the ground stuff.

The ground im finding easy enough, especially to get marks. I've just got Romulan T1 now and having fun in the warehouse, gives me an extra 10 marks on the round, so it keeps me busy! I haven't tried the Epohh fields yet, that stuff can come later.
Best for getting the space patrol done quickly is the Acamar dispute resolution. It only gives 15% but is very quick, even if you mess up and have to fight
The T2 mission is bugged for the moment, hopefully they're fixing it on Thursday's patch
ChrisHerr Wrote:like the warehouse mission at Reputation Tier 1 for example.

I just made T1 last night, and haven't had a chance to see this warehouse mission yet. Where is it at? I just ask because I don't want to spend a bunch of time wandering around and looking for it.
It's next to the shuttle in the staging area, not too far from the historian (shown on the map) and I think it's an unnamed npc who gives you the quest.

It's not one I'd run again to be honest.

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