Arena of Sompek Special Event!
(02-23-2017, 03:26 PM)Chris Wrote: Equipment wise, if you have the item from the Delta Recruit reward that wakes up your entire team, that would be a great one to bring.  (Sigh, I still have one more Arc to complete before I earn mine.... ; )
Ground Device: "Paradox Corrector" Team-Wide Heal + Rez. Can be used while Defeated. (Gained by having your Delta Recruit gather All Iconian Information....)

Same here, still have some grinding to do to get that thing.
Thanks for the reminder.
I played it a couple hours ago with some of the fleet members. It was fun. We got to stage 32 before we all died. I look forward to playing it again.

That was a fun run, I expect we can do better with a bit of planning (more turrets and shield regenerator would be good too).

A tip for the Borg, use the shotgun or tr weapon. I feel it's better than using a remodulator.

Center is good until the whirlpool tries to suck you in, or the water electrifies, or the lightning comes shooting down lol

Probably the best survival tip is keep your eyes on the floor. If the area around you or under you starts to light up. Run!

after the meeting, let's run a few rounds of this and do some medal hunting
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