Help!: Unable to locate patch server error... again
Hi, guys, last May I had an experience with a bug thats seems to comeback every now and then; it simply happens that the game won't allow to log in since the Launch window doesn't show and gives a message that has tried to connect 2 times and after that just cancels.
Well last time i got a launcher executable that was updated and finally after 3 weeks and some days I was able to return to STO. Now the bug is back and a lot of people are posting at STO foums having the same problem. Since today the Devs put out a new patch for the game maybe the new Launcher works but I can't really go to download the whole 10 gig enchilada of the game just to log in. Perhaps any fleet mate that is able to login atm can post a copy of the new STO .exe since that usually works in most cases.

Thx in advance!

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