Help with this Narcine Build @ 23k
I am posting this build for help from the experts. I cannot break 23k and would like all the
help I can get to get as much dps as I can.
Here is the link to look at:

In the notes I have included the active space doffs their specialties and what they do. I have also
put my BOFFS in their with their space abilities. Since there is not a space in the planner for BOFF
space abilities.

It makes no sense that you can't break 24k with this build. My gear is inferior across the board and I'm doing 10k more.
[Image: gthibaudeau_10359.jpg]
With this gear you should be easily able to pull 50K plus in a pug ISA - piloting may be the factor. Make sure you are syncing your usage of abilities together (ex: using TacTeam>KLW>APB>BFAW together for more damage), and fly so you are hitting as many targets at once with BFAW as possible. Also, you may want to do a parse and see if your DRB/GW combo is providing a lot of damage; if not I'd swap the LtCdr universal for Engineering instead and run ET1/A2SIF2/EPTW3 so you can keep 100% uptime on your EPTW. For your Lt Sci station slot Hazard Emitters and Sci team, as Photonic Officer is a garbage skill and Tachyon Beam is not useful with this build since you aren't using torps. You could also consider dropping APD3 for another copy of APB, or running two copies of BFAW (2 and 3 would be my suggestion) then APB3.

I know piloting has some to do with it. Just haven't found a video on where to improve it. And when I'm playing with people I know does 40k and above, I get major lag for some reason. Its like my game freezes until its almost over. Its not constant but intermittent

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