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Hi all,

I was in an ISA run today where the run was parsed by CAT- Combatlog Analysing Tool which was written by @danfai

I was curious, especially since that SCM no longer works for me on mac,  and had a conversation with him about his self written parser- (use chrome or safari as otherwise will be redirected to in german) 

He claimed that compared to SCM it was:
                                a) more accurate
                                b) faster- (I have noticed that SCM was slow at least for me on a mac)
                                c) has better UX
                                d) had a nice user interface with nicer graphs
                                e) Could handle a bigger log file

For one thing, on the website the sample pictures look quite nice, and this has potential. It would be great to have a parser thats 1) potentially is better than SCM in terms of function and user ability  and 2) Not tied to a specific DPS league like SCM and CLR and to a separate non affiliated developer to avoid the disputes that happened last time)

However in order to judge how good it actually is, I was wondering if anyone, particularly high end DPSers could give any feedback on what appears to be a promising parser. 


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Interesting, I will have to check this out.  I am not a "high-end" DPSer (record is 61k) but I'd be interested to find out how accurate and reliable this parser is.  SCM has not given me any serious issues, but it does look like CAT has a cleaner User Interface.  I'll have to do a more in-depth comparison of SCM and CAT to see how reliable it is.

EDIT: I can't get the executable file to work at all.  I've tried downloading the zipped and unzipped files and neither will open.  The program will just freeze and crash every time.  Is there a solution to this that I'm not aware of?

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