Presidio Battlecruiser Engy Beam Tank

First attempt at using the builder. Aiming for a high-threat tank build. I've gotten some input in game, but I am just a few days back (last played 2010!). Need some help with equipment to aim for (not what I have now) and skills/BOFF abilities.

Keep in mind when building a tank, threat alone will not hold agro in PVE, if you're not doing enough damage others will take the agro from you you.  That being said you've chosen a good ship.  Three science and 4 tac consoles will give you a good mix of threat gen and DPS and all the engineering boff abilities will give you room for both the offensive and defensive abilities you need.
Ok, made a lot of updates - new weapons, consoles, pretty much everything...

Agro is NOT an issue in most STFs I've done at this point - but I need to test it against some high DPS folks Smile
I'd recommend picking up the Iconian set, it's a really good mix of defensive and offensive boosts.  For any build that needs DPS it one of the best, if not the best, sets in the game.  If you do get the Iconian set upgrade the core as soon as you can, it gets AMP and W to S at UR and Epic.

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