The discovery part 1
"Where I was, I am, where I am, I will, where I will, I was"... Book of Tatlilco Chapter 1 verse 1

For many years of my life I lived a normal, ordinary, nothing specially significant type of life. Just a normal hard working class life, married to an awesome woman who manages to control my temper every time flares up. I blame my parents for my temper been half Scottish half Cuban. That is one of the worst combos out there related to temper and anger. But this wonderful woman given to me by the Creator has managed to put the fire of my temper under control.

Recently after a year of heartaches and struggles, I had to have a pacemaker implanted in my chest due to heart complications, we decided to go on vacations.

She chose a beautiful cabin on the hills North of Georgia (USA), we made all the arrangements, lodging, car rental, all the family stuff, telling my neighbors to watch for our mail, etc, etc. We decided to leave in the first week of October and the time just flew from one month to another until the time to depart arrived.

We left early morning around 5 am to be able to reach our destination around 3 pm, the trip takes like 8 hours but we needed time to stop for breakfast and lunch and the usually "nature break".

Well after an uneventful trip we arrived to our destination, wow, what a beautiful sight, a small log cabin nested against the foothill of the mountain, a small creek flows peacefully in the back of the property and a beautiful screened in porch with rocking chairs welcomed us to this restful place.

Across from the cabin was a beautiful open field covered with yellow wild flowers, I planned the next morning to go there and take some close up pictures, I love taking pictures of nature, birds, flowers, mountains and rivers. I do also a little bit of painting and these nature sources are a good source of inspiration.

Well after we settled down, the wife unpacked everything and we decided to call it the night and she asked me if we could just sit on the front porch and enjoy the beauty of the stars and the cool breeze that was flowing filled with the smell fo the flowers and some hints of mysterious beauty.

We sat there in couple of rocking chairs looking at the stars and enjoying our first true day of vacation in over a year. Suddenly a shooting star appeared in the horizon, I showed it to her and she made a silent wish. The star seemed to disappear when went over some trees in the field across from us. Just few seconds later a bright flash of light covered the field in front of us. I jumped out of the rocking chair, she did the same and we decided to go and explore what in the world was happening.

After arriving to the field, we didnt see anything out of the normal but there was a smell of burned grass in the air, we kept looking and after few minutes we found a burnt circle in the middle of a clearing in the field.

When we approached we discover a metallic object, square in shape glowing against the darkness of the night. The glow on the item started to dissipate and after few minutes we were able to touch it. I picked the object roughly the size of a size 13 shoe box. not too heavy but the outside of the box seems rough and polished at the same time, some parts were polished and some parts were rough like edges or fringes all around the box in some odd geometrical pattern.

We took the box with us and got back to the cabin. I placed the box on the table and took some pictures of it, we did a search online to see if anyone has ever seen anything similar but we turned almost empty. The only reference to something similar was found in an old Olmec site discovered in Mexico called Tlatilco. One of their figurines located in the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City had a design similar to one of the sides of the box.

Interesting I thought to myself, how this box got here, from where, what was that shooting star? I keep examining the box until one of my fingers managed to dislodge one of the round knobs in the corner of the box. A metallic sound, almost like a chime fill the round, like an old musical not that laid asleep for thousands of years. This knob released also a small portion of the box that popped allowing me to move it out of its place, this movement triggered another chime, another musical note and released another small section in the opposite face of the box.

To be continued.
After 2 hours of fiddling with the box I managed to unlocked, inside we found what looks like an alien headset and a small box with 25 metallic disks the size of a quarter each. They are coded in groups of 5, each group with a different color, red, blue, yellow, green and white. I placed the "headset" on my head and noticed a small insert where one of the discs could fit perfectly.

I sat down and inserted the first disc from the white group. Amazingly the headset created a bubble/helmet/shield in bluish color around my head, it looks like I took a basketball and cut it in half and placed on top of my head, but it was almost invisible except the glow of the bluish color that make the helmet/headset hum with a vibration like a thousand microscopic globules of energy were chiming at once.

To be continued

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