Midnight goes live tomorrow!
I don't get it.  This is supposed to be the end of a 5 year ark and they announce when the episode is getting released the night before in the patch notes with no fan fair.  WTF
Everyone on The Show seemed surprised by this too and they had a pretty big panel on last night.  If none of them saw it I doubt it was posted anywhere.
The comms for this episode were not handled by Trendy but someone else, and there definitely seems to be a lack of fanfare associated with it. They just posted the episode rewards today, and usually those are a few days in advance to get some hype going. At least the super bonus weekend is live this weekend.

Trendy has been away on holiday and has just returned. That's why communications have been lacking this week and last.

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All the work of one man and no one to pick up the slack while he's away.

Bring back branflakes! #bringbackbranflakes

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