Space STF Ship Builds (Pics)
Thanks for the heads up. I'd like to up my threat a little anyway. I have this big beastly damage dealing machine with an insane hull and shield points, and I don't want to be the only one not taking damage.
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In games, Printscreen (the key to the right of F12) is take screenshot. If you use Steam to play STO, it also has a screenshot system which you can check the key for using the shift-tab overlay.

My Odyssey build is coming soon.
since i last posted i've slightly changed my escort to this.
as always ideas are welcome Smile

but i was hoping to get some thoughts on my cruiser.

a few of you have already given me some ideas in the fleet chat but i thought it would be beneficial to see the whole setup.

I was concerned with the cruisers seeming lack of damage, but at the same time i was thinking i was probably just too used to the escort. But then i noticed my escort also seems to be able to tank alot better in addition to its 2x firepower, any thoughts? Smile
- Thanks
Not sure what set your running there, looks like its the aegis set, which while good is not nearly as good as borg set with maco shield, espicially since you have mk xii maco shield you lucky dog, as far as tanking goes.
this is the set up of my ship

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Stick with one type of weapon. You mainly have phaser, so stick with that and your mines or a torpedo. Replay the missions to get more of the reward weapon to load out your ship with. Send me mail in-game and I can send you a phaser damage tactical console. My characters are listed in my signature block.
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will do
My humble ship submitted for your approval (or disapproval)...


So thought I might share the build on the armitage class, works pretty well for me so far in space, both PVP and PVE.

I have two weapon types I can run, anti-proton and phasers. Switched them when I got bored of the other once in a while.

Engineering consoles are the torpedo point defense console and the theta radiation console (for pvp mainly, good for pve probes too). Running only on neutronium alloy, which I think is sufficient for STFs.

Running the field generator (the best for escorts i think) and the borg console to get my 3piece borg set bonus.

Running 3x phaser relays and 1 photon detonation assembly, which i'm changing to the very rare mk xii soon.

For shuttles, i'm only running danube runabouts, as it seems more than enough in STF and pvp. May consider getting the advanced fighters when i got spare dilithiums Smile

For my boff setup:
Cmd Tac: APO3, BO3, CRF1, TS1
Lt. Tac: CSV1, TT1(I'm using 2 rare doff to reduce the cd to 18s, so i can save another ensign tac for my torpedos)
Ensign Tac: TS1
Running two sets of cannons and torpedo skills to keep my dps going, and spamming APO3 and BO3 whenever I got a chance.
Lt Cmd Eng: EPTS3, RSP1, EPTW1(for BO3)
Lt Sci: HE2, TSS1
Raifin. Looks pretty good. If you want a damage boost I would drop the rear torpedo and put in another beam array. I would suggest dropping the front torpedo also unless you are using High Yield torp or Torp spread.

As to torps Quantums are best for HYT and TS but Photons have a better straight dps. So really depends on boffs.

Also I would definitely drop one of your EPS for a different console. Perhaps put your universal there and get another Field Generator for better tank. Also grats on the prototype shield.

On a slightly side note an Escort will deal more damage then most cruisers. This is mainly for two reasons. 1) All your damage is focused into a single arc making you very powerful in that arc and very weak in all the others. 2) The Escorts have more tactical boff slots which gives them access to more damage type boff abilities. That being said they are NOT better then Cruisers nor vice versa. Its just a different play style. I myself like cruisers because of the greatly increased tank over escorts.

Lidoki: Nice looking ship. However does it have the ability to target subsystems? If not I would drop the beam bank for another DHC or DC for the higher dps.
Not familiar with that ship though so the above may not be relevant. If that is the case please disregard.

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