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    Thread: Guest Blog: Skill Planning
Post: Guest Blog: Skill Planning

Attilo, great post !!!! I dont know where to put this so i apologize in advance if this needs to be moved. I was really glad that cryptic recognized your hard work and what you have added to our col...
Mbomber Fleet Discussions 7 2,296 04-11-2013, 01:28 AM
    Thread: Winchester's STF/PVP defence/Power levels edited builds
Post: RE: Winchester's STF/PVP defence/Power levels edit...

I enjoyed reading this. interesting...
Mbomber Fleet Discussions 4 2,295 04-01-2013, 03:51 AM
    Thread: My skill planner for the tac oddy.
Post: Re: My skill planner for the tac oddy.

Im very interested in seeing to most popular builds in the fleet. Every last detail boffs doffs and anything else would be great. I may be blind and not seeing something right in front of my nose but ...
Mbomber STO Discussions 3 6,361 10-08-2012, 05:07 AM
    Thread: Lockbox Limericks
Post: Re: Lockbox Limericks

i think 2 more days until i give the time ship box away... love the limericks people, thank you!!!
Mbomber Quark's Bar 5 7,853 10-08-2012, 03:50 AM
    Thread: Lockbox Limericks
Post: Lockbox Limericks

Come post a Limerick and maybe win a temporal time ship or some other goodies... <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="
Mbomber Quark's Bar 5 7,853 10-02-2012, 09:03 AM
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