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    Thread: active member
Post: active member

i was a highly active member trying to recover yourr fleet and alura, kicked my entire lineup, Well i guess you can keep your dead fleet. good luck with that!
beardedfillet STO Discussions 1 396 05-30-2022, 05:02 PM
  Smile Thread: streaming sto
Post: streaming sto

hey guys would you all like to swing by and play sto sometime? this is also to aid rejuvinating the fleet and to make it better for everyone, The sto academy militia and the legion seems to be really ...
beardedfillet STO Discussions 0 277 05-29-2022, 11:52 AM
    Thread: Invite
Post: RE: Invite

Hi Nehebkau, I just done this for you so i hope to see you in game, If you need help please by all means come check me out my handle is @AdamWilson1986, If you need a hand with set ups etc, come chec...
beardedfillet Fleet Discussions 3 432 05-25-2022, 11:11 AM
    Thread: TFO's and Help on stream
Post: TFO's and Help on stream

So guys i would like to tell you a little about what i do with the other dude i play with on my stream, So with that, we do builds and help with builds, we put together a list between paid to play an...
beardedfillet Quark's Bar 0 292 05-25-2022, 11:07 AM
    Thread: New LF help
Post: RE: New LF help

Hi Sweech hope your well, And Welcome i see this is an old thread and perhaps if you still are wanting help, Please by all means come find me my @ is [email protected] or if you need extra help by...
beardedfillet STO Discussions 1 532 05-25-2022, 11:02 AM
    Thread: introduction/Active members unite
Post: RE: introduction/Active members unite

You should swing by in my stream sometime, and come play some TFO's im on twitch under beardedfillet, But that goes to everyone, equally i was curious how this commendation thing works if there aren'...
beardedfillet STO Discussions 2 394 05-23-2022, 07:59 PM
    Thread: introduction/Active members unite
Post: introduction/Active members unite

Hi guys, hope your doing well, i was curious i have been in this fleet for a while, does anyone still play? there have been times where the fleet holdings haven't been set up, just curious as i am a r...
beardedfillet STO Discussions 2 394 05-22-2022, 04:00 PM
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