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RE: Risa Summer Event - (Lohlunat Summer Event) - James - 07-09-2014

The new origin bridge was a complete sham when they updated the corridors etc for the mission, but only the bridge for the ships.

Ludacris that they were given the time to do that, and it cant even carry across

RE: Risa Summer Event - (Lohlunat Summer Event) - Dafmeister - 07-10-2014

I can understand why interiors aren't much of a priority these days. The problem is, apart from picking up a few doff missions you can't find elsewhere, there's no real reason to go beyond your bridge except for the sake of wandering around. I'd like to see a few more things happening on your own ship, using the actual interior maps, though I can appreciate that with the different interiors available this could be tricky.

If nothing else, it would be nice if you could use your own sickbay to treat injuries.

RE: Risa Summer Event - (Lohlunat Summer Event) - TacPaddy - 07-10-2014

One can only hope, that the STO Foundry eventually gets some of the Neverwinter Foundry functions, so that we can create our own Interiors. Now THAT would be awesome.