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Question about reclaiming startships - Chris - 02-07-2022

Greetings captains,

Running the Iuppiter Iratus TFO for the anniversary ship, I keep seeing players use what looks like a Gravity Well, but it also has green lighting....

Well, I decided to google it before posting the question, and found that it is most likely the Risian Weather Control Vessel Mastery Trait - Electrified Anomalies

I thought I had all the Risan ships, but I'm sure I didn't play them enough to unlock the mastery.....

I wanted to activate the ship, and also thought we could reclaim ships through the Dilithium store, did that move to another location?

RE: Question about reclaiming startships - Glebben - 02-08-2022

Event ships are claimed through Events / Reclaim Rewards / Ships.
Sadly I skipped that Summer event. Hope they eventually add it to the Phoenix box, I could use that ability on my space wizards.