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My First Foundry Mission - Hartbirt - 02-01-2013

I have had a lot of difficulty making this mission due to the limitations in the foundry. I have finally reached a point where i can end the mission and make a part 2 or continue it. All that is remaing is the final battle, which invovles 4 different fleets fighting. That is what i am thinking about using for part 2 if i don't add it to the end of the episode.

My mission is called Defend Earth Spacedock. It has space and ground battles in it.

I know i have asked people to run it before to give me ideas, and i have used many of them. I would love to have people run it for me. I am even thinking about submitting it to Cryptic for featuring.

All i ask is you have fun and let me know of any fixes/ideas.

Re: My Frist Foundry Mission - Warburton1881 - 02-12-2013

This is just my personal opinion, but I prefer a series of shorter missions to one long mission. I don't always have the time to do one of those seemingly unending missions that some Foundry authors create. Multi-part missions allow me to choose whether to do the whole thing at once, or do it one part at a time. Either way, it also increases the Dilithium reward for doing the mission, since each part qualifies for "Investigate Officer Reports" as long as it's at least twenty minutes long. Also, I really like it when authors indicate the completion time of their missions in the mission description, but I hate it when I end up spending four or five hours in a "one hour" mission.

I look forward to seeing your mission on the Foundry.

RE: My First Foundry Mission - Hartbirt - 01-01-2014

just wanted to let people know I finished my mission. I even submitted it for featuring, so you might see it online

RE: My First Foundry Mission - BigBadBarstow - 01-11-2014

cool, im sure some of us will try it out