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Molor's Backscratcher - Glebben - 03-06-2021

Molor's Flaming Sword is so glowy! Ugly but so glowy!

Just what you need to light your way through Gre'thor. Apologies to Maintenance on DS9 for the slightly scorched walls.

[Image: KrGBS9I.jpg]
[Image: JLa7YPo.jpg]
[Image: 3gCTDXK.jpg]
It's only flaming when you're waving it about, by the way, so no need for asbestos undies.

RE: Molor's Backscratcher - brun - 03-06-2021

Looking good.

RE: Molor's Backscratcher - Chris - 03-11-2021

That does look great! A wonderful piece to add to a Klingon's weaponry!