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Time For Me to Fly... - zeronullvoid - 07-29-2020

It is with a heavy heart that I will not only be saying goodbye to STOA, but to Star Trek Online as well.  With work/life events, global pandemic, and America in complete chaos and crisis, I have to make some tough decisions of what pastimes to keep and what to part with.
Sadly, Star Trek Online was among them...
After 9 years of playing this game, it going to feel strange for a while not being part of this universe, but good memories nonetheless.
Thank you to all of you and my fondest farewells, and best wishes to you and yours.
~Paul / "Monciera"

RE: Time For Me to Fly... - Attilio - 07-29-2020

Hey, I completely understand. Things come up, stuff happens. The good thing is, you can always pop in and out if you want to. Good luck to you!

RE: Time For Me to Fly... - Belgevain - 07-30-2020

Take care out there buddy! Stay safe!