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ISA - ProfessorKhaos - 05-11-2019

Anyone interested in doing some regular ISA runs? Trying to see what kind of DPS I can do these days, but LTR PUGs struggling to hit 10k are killing me.

RE: ISA - Belgevain - 05-11-2019

I'm always game for ISA, shoot me a message in-game whenever I'm on!

RE: ISA - Esmaya - 05-12-2019

sure can do. no clue what my dps is on my ship but always willing to lend a hand Smile

RE: ISA - Trudard - 05-12-2019

I am on only limited times but I am always game to have a dps check up - not done one in a long time myself

RE: ISA - OrionSnake - 05-13-2019

I've only played TFO in Normal mode so far with PUG.  I am willing to help out when i am on.