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Start Trek Books - sfcmradj - 04-23-2019

Any recommendation to what star trek books i can start reading? i never read one and was thinking on start reading some if they are good.

Start Trek Books - James - 04-23-2019

The Star Trek: Destiny trilogy is good

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RE: Start Trek Books - Belgevain - 04-23-2019

I thoroughly enjoyed the series Double Helix, which ties in with most of the TNG series, and bit of TOS for good measure.
Although my favourite part is a Combat Support Tender going toe to toe with a warship, and doing surprisingly well!

RE: Start Trek Books - coolkirk1701 - 07-18-2019

Since I consider myself the expert on the Trek Novelverse in this fleet and no one has posted it yet, here is the obligatory posting of the almighty treklit reading order chart
As for what books to read it depends on whether you just want good stories or if you want to read things in order