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Starbase - Mayhem3000 - 01-08-2013

I have a question. Since I am with the militia, is there anyway to come aboard the academy starbase and purchase a ship since that base is at a higher tier?

Re: Starbase - TacPaddy - 01-08-2013

You can come aboard, but as far as I know, you won't be able to buy a higher Tier Fleet Ship. The Game seems to check your Fleet Shipyard and tells you what Fleet Ships you can buy.

Fleet Ground and Space Equipment however, can be purchased, using the Militia Provisions in that case.

Re: Starbase - Blakmage86 - 01-09-2013

As far as coming aboard just ask for a fleet map invite. Perhaps when you get ready to buy the ship you could transfer fleets temporarily? Not sure how/or if that would be allowed though but you could ask.

Re: Starbase - Mayhem3000 - 01-09-2013

Thanks for the info, I will give it a shot. I am really looking to pick up the Fleet heavy escort carrier.

Re: Starbase - TacPaddy - 01-09-2013

On a different note, the "Public Service" channel now also allow for Starbase invites. So if you are looking for Equipment, that our Starbases are not yet providing, you may give it shot there. Check out the channel website here.